Since the LeafScore site launched in 2018, our research has always been devoted to finding the best sustainable brands in every category and product type. LeafScore is a business built on passion. We use the products we write about in our daily lives.

Our readers have relied on this site in making over $15 million dollars of online purchases in categories ranging from nursery to bedding, to cookware. 

We get questions about new products and brands every day. 

After years spent reviewing and testing products, the team at LeafScore has launched an online store - LeafScore Essentials

We aim to make truly sustainable products available to our community at a price point they can afford. 

The first products offered in our store are in the bedding category, and we are proud of the quality and craftsmanship of every item we sell. 

We believe quality follows sustainability

We believe quality follows sustainability.

Why would anyone care how good a product is if making it harms the planet and the workers who produce it?

The good news is that the best and longest lasting products are almost always made with sustainable, natural, non-toxic, and organic ingredients and materials.

The products you find in our online store carry the certifications our readers look for, and are offered at competitive prices to give more families access to truly sustainable and non-toxic goods. 

Our GOTS Label


Return policy 

Please note that we only accept returns for items that are defective. 

All items purchased through LeafScore Essentials are final sale unless the product is defective. Defective products must be documented with a photograph prior to a return being initiated. 

For more information, please email us at orders@leafscore.com.