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Evaya Organic Mattress Topper

Evaya Organic Mattress Topper

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The Evaya Organic Mattress Topper combines comfort and luxury with the certifications you trust. This topper instantly makes any mattress a dream to sleep on. 

  • GOTS Certified. The organic cotton cover is GOTS certified. 
  • Organic Wool. Organic EverEden Wool from New Zealand adds a natural flame retardant, as well as a comfort and performance layer
  • FSC Certified Latex. Natural FSC Certified Latex is added for support 
  • Certified Non-Toxic. The topper is Made Safe and Eco Institut certified 


The Evaya Bliss Mattress ships free for LeafScore customers.

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Non-toxic certified

Eco-Institut Certified

The Eco Institute, located in Cologne, Germany, is an independent organization that has more than 25 years of experience testing products for the presence of pollutants and emissions, even in trace amounts. You can rest easy knowing that Evaya does not contain even trace amounts of hazardous chemicals, and will not off-gas undesirable chemicals and odors into your home.

Certified ethical wool

EverEden® Ethical Wool

Evaya is manufactured with certified organic wool, sourced from New Zealand farmers.

Pure comfort

Built for Comfort

The Evaya Organic Topper boasts an upgraded GOTS Certified organic cotton cover with multiple layers of GOTs-certified EverEden® wool, to wick away moisture and help you sleep cooler all night long.